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The Climb

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

When I was younger I remember always watching the Hannah Montana shows on Disney channel. I loved them back then. I can remember watching the Hannah Montana movie when it came out too, and I loved that even more.

I can remember always wanting the kind of love story that she had in that movie. But if you watch it closely, she went through a lot of struggles to get that love story to work out. There was a song in that movie that came out when the movie did called, “The Climb”. Now I don’t know why, but that song popped in my head last night. So I looked at the lyrics, and no it is not a Christian song, but it has a lot of meaning behind it.

I’ll attach the video at the bottom of the post if you want to watch it, but in the movie right before she goes to sing this song she takes off her Hannah Montana wig and shows everyone that she is really Miley Cyrus. She wore this wig and was too afraid to show everyone who she really was, just like we as people wear these “masks” or “wigs” to hide what is inside. We are too afraid to show people who we really are, how we really feel, how we really look, and the list goes on. We do this by putting our guards up, telling people we are “ok” just to avoid saying the truth, girls by wearing all the make-up you feel you need to wear to even go out of the house, and so on. But why? What are you afraid of?

I don’t know if you have ever looked at the lyrics to the song “The Climb”, but I want to take a look at a few of them. So it starts by saying,

I can almost see it

That dream I'm dreaming but

There's a voice inside my head saying

You'll never reach it,

Every step I'm taking,

Every move I make feels

Lost with no direction

My faith is shaking but I

Gotta keep trying

Gotta keep my head held high

We all have a dream and we all tell ourselves that we can never reach it… and let me tell you, you can. That voice inside your head saying you can’t, now that is the devil. He will try and talk you down as much as you will let him. He will test you and shake your faith. I know you feel lost at times… trust me I do too. I know sometimes you feel you have no one to turn too. But look at those last two lines. It says you gotta keep trying and hold your head up high. If you don’t, you're just letting the devil win you over and take control.

We move into the chorus and it says,

There's always gonna be another mountain

I'm always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side

It's the climb

Yes, there is always a battle going on. That battle is between God and the devil. It’s up to you who you let win. I pray you let it be God. But there are constant battles in your everyday life. There’s depression, death in the family, anxiety, a break-up, loss of a job, money issues and so many more. I hate to tell y'all, but no you are not going to win every battle. You are going to lose a lot. You may battle depression and anxiety for years, you may not find another job for months, you may argue with your significant other for months. But let me tell you something, it’s not about how fast you overcome those obstacles, it’s not about how long it takes you to let go of what you’re holding on to. It’s about you continuing to push forward and continue on that journey and turning to God in those times. It’s about the climb.

In the second verse, it goes on to say,

The struggles I'm facing

The chances I'm taking

Sometimes might knock me down but

No I'm not breaking

I may not know it

But these are the moments that

I'm going to remember most yeah

Just got to keep going

And I

I gotta be strong

Just keep pushing on, 'cause

So yes, what you are going through is hard. It will knock you down and hurt, and you may think it’s never going to get better. But you’re not breaking, you are still here. And these moments you are going to remember most. These moments are going to be the moments that God is changing you and shaping you into a better version of yourself. God is preparing you for the next chapter of your life. He is preparing you for that dream job of yours, he is preparing you for that future husband or wife, he is preparing you to let go and forgive, and he is preparing you to accept your struggles. So be strong and keep pushing on. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the last part of the song it says,

Keep on moving

Keep climbing

Keep the faith baby

It's all about

It's all about

The climb

Keep the faith

Keep your faith

So keep that faith. Don’t lose sight of God through your struggles. The climb is so hard, but it is so rewarding in the end. Don’t give up, instead turn to God. Read the bible to get you through, go to a small group, pray, meet up with your Christian friends. Just keep pushing forward.

Going back to the wig part in the movie, when Miley takes her wig off, the people are silent. They don’t know how to respond to it… but when they do respond they are cheering that girl on. They are singing with her and waving their hands in the air… and that is exactly what your Christian friends are doing and everyone in heaven when they see you be brave, take that “wig” of yours off, and push through those hard times. I know it is hard. But when you are brave enough to take your “wig” off, it is so rewarding. And there are so many people just waiting to cheer you on and help you through those hard times… just be brave and show them who you really are. Because at the end of the day we are all a mess and imperfect people and we all need help. So take off your “wig”, show people who you really are, and let people help you on your climb. (The Climb By: Miley Cyrus)

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