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Step up to the Plate, and Knock Your Disease Out of the Park

On Tuesday I found out that I have Celiac disease. (For those of you who don’t know what it is, it basically means I can’t eat anything or use anything with gluten in it. If I do the fibers in the gluten eat at the lining in my stomach and small intestine and my body doesn’t get the nutrients that it needs.) Sorta gross right. Yeah, I know. But it really sucks.

A lot of people sort of laugh at it and say, “what you just have stomach issues”. Yes, my stomach hurts sometimes, but there’s a lot more to it. I get super bad migraines at least 5-6 days out of the week, I break out with eczema on my face, ankles, and arms, I feel super tired a lot of times, my stomach is very sensitive to touch (even just someones’ arm on it hurts). The list goes on, but anyways, you get the point.

Being told this came with mixed emotions. I was excited to finally have an explanation for feeling this way after years of pain, but it actually really sucks. That cuts out a ton of food I can even eat, and it makes shopping for groceries not only harder but more expensive.

It’s such a pain. It is not just food either. It’s shampoo and conditioner, lotions, makeup, medicine, toothpaste… literally, everything you use or eat in your daily life, I now have to look at labels and make use I can use it. I’m now that annoying person that has to ask people to change their gloves when they serve me.

Anyways, why am I telling you this exactly? Well, you all can relate to this disease in a different way. So when I got told that I now have this disease, I also got told that I need to cut dairy out of my diet too for a while. (I guess it’s to let my stomach heal itself) So now it’s even worse… like literally what can I eat?

You’re probably wondering why I am complaining about food lol, but it sucks. I can easily go out and eat something with dairy or gluten… I certainly can. I know what would happen if I do though. I would be in a lot of pain and just make my situation worse. I can go pick up a coffee like I enjoy doing… but I would again be hurting myself.

Now you as people do this to yourselves as well. You know hanging around this group of friends isn’t such a good idea, you know cussing isn’t the best thing to do, you know looking at pornography isn’t something you should be doing, you know cheating is wrong, you know going smoking and drinking isn’t something you should necessarily be doing… the list goes on. But you still do it don’t you? … Why?

So just like me, you can choose to “feed your body” all these bad toxic things, or you can choose to steer away from it. Yes, trust me I know it is hard. It is hard for me to go out with friends and not be able to do what they are doing or be the one who is like can we go somewhere else, please. It is hard being the one who says no to going to that party. The one who doesn't cuss in the group. The one who doesn’t chase after a relationship… the list goes on.

Regardless of what you are having to say no to but want to say yes to… it’s hard. But guess what… you have people there to help you out. You have people to turn to who will support you and guide you and help you get back on the path when you stumble off. I know it is hard to just go follow the crowd… but be the one who sticks out and the crowd decides to follow instead.

Be the one that people look at and see your struggles, but see you stand strong and fight through them. Be the one who can come out of those situations and learn they weren’t right, and be ready to help the next person get through it.

Life is extremely hard. And this game called life… it will throw you so many curve balls, and you will get hit, and strikeout, and sit on that bench and cry sometimes… but you will also hit that ball out of the park, you will get a home run, and you will steal that base.

So don’t let those curve balls thrown at you set you back. Instead, use them as practice for when those knuckle-balls come. Trust me, you’ll thank me then. So pick up that bat and step up to the plate… everyone is just waiting to watch you hit that home run!

Songs that stuck out to me this week:

(Hill and Valleys By: Taren Wells)

(Fighting For ME By: Riley Clemmons)

(Why God By: Austin French)

(Broken Prayers By: Riley Clemmons)

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