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Prayers Do Get Answered

I love listening to Luke Combs music… he is definitely one of my favorite country artists. For a few months, I have been obsessed with one of his songs called, “Even Though I’m Leaving”. For a while, I use to think I was so obsessed with it because the lyrics used to remind me of my dad… yeah the guy that doesn’t really talk to me… until the last couple of weeks recently.

But anyways, I was sitting in the library at my school… supposed to be writing a paper… and this song came on and I found a new meaning to it.

In the song, it says…

Just 'cause I'm leavin'

It don't mean that I won't be right by your side

When you need me

And you can't see me in the middle of the night

Just close your eyes and say a prayer

It's okay, I know you're scared when I'm not here

But I'll always be right there

Even though I'm leavin', I ain't goin' nowhere

If you think about it, this brings a lot of peace. Just knowing that someone will be right by your side even when you can’t see them. It’s ok to be scared and feel alone, but if you close those pretty little eyes of yours and say a prayer and he’ll be right there.

God answers your prayers in many different ways. He can answer them by putting someone in your life, by helping you get through something that has been weighing on you, by taking someone out of your life and many other ways… and it may not seem like he is answering your prayers right away. It may seem like he is doing the exact opposite of what you asked from him…

But let me tell you, God works in mysterious ways, and he may be doing it his way to help get you to something far better than what you ever even imagined.

A few posts ago I wrote about how I use to chase guys to fill that emptiness of not having a father figure around in my life. I was always sort of aware that I was doing this, and realized that I just needed to be content with not having that father in my life… but I still had my heavenly father in my life. I’ve always struggled with building a relationship with God… I look around and see all these people saying and acting like they have such a great relationship with him, and I have always just craved that…. But it is confusing and overwhelming on where to start, isn’t it? Or at least that’s what I have always thought.

So when I ended my last relationship I told myself that I was just going to be content with not having a guy in my life except for the Father. It sucks growing up without a father not there to support you and cheer you on, to not have a father to vent to about boy problems, or show up to your events at school, to not have someone to run and cry to when life just sucks. A father means everything to a girl… especially when you grew up being a daddy’s little girl and it was all of a sudden taken away from you.

Like I said a little further up, how after I broke up with my ex I wasn’t going to chase after guys anymore… well, I stuck to it, and I didn’t. Instead, I prayed about the next guy that entered my life. I prayed that he would be a Christain and respectful and caring and so much more… I have always pictured myself with a country boy… sooo I also prayed for a country boy too. As funny as that is.

A few weeks ago I feel my prayers were definitely answered. One, my father and I had a really good conversation and forgave each other. And we seem to be on better terms. And two, a country boy entered my life.

Now I’m not saying that I have this awesome relationship with the Lord right now… relationships of any kind take a lot of work and time. But I am in a lot better place with that relationship I feel.

Now I don’t know what’s going to happen with this new country boy of mine… for all I know he reads this like I didn’t think he would and gets freaked out that I mentioned him on here… or maybe he doesn't get freaked out. Regardless, I definitely wasn’t trying to find another guy or to seem like I was chasing guys again.

Anyways… there is a point to this, I promise.

The point is that God is always there for you. You might not be able to physically see him, and you might be afraid to be alone… but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be right by your side. Just close those eyes and say a prayer because he isn’t going anywhere.

When you start growing closer to him and trusting in him… he answers those prayers of yours. And if you don’t believe me, then go reread what I just said... because I feel that those are answered prayers. They may seem stupid and small to you, but it is something that I have been praying for, and something that is important to me.

The father situation took about four or five years for us to move on and start to move forward with our relationship… so yes, things take time. Although I’m sort of glad it took this long because I don’t think I would have been ready a few years ago to move on in our relationship.

And the cowboy situation… I might not have been ready for it if I didn’t go through some of the things I went through in my past relationship.

So things take time, you just need to be patient and learn to grow in the situations you are in right now… because God will flip your world upside down and answer all your prayers… you just need to pray and give it time.

So whatever you are struggling with, I encourage you this week to take a step back and pray on it for a while. I promise your prayers will be answered. (Even Though I’m Leaving By: Luke Combs)

Songs that stuck out to me this week:

(Build Your Kingdom Here By: Rend Collective)

(Raise A Hallelujah By: Bethel Music)

(Fighting For Me By: Riley Clemmons)

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