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It's Hard Saying Goodbye

Ya know… saying goodbye is hard. Some goodbyes aren’t for long, while some are very long. Some goodbyes are just for the night, you wake up in the morning and see them again. Some goodbyes are for a few months, some a few years, some you don’t really know when you’ll see them again… and others forever…

Some goodbyes you have time to plan out and time to cope and accept that they are going to leave. Some goodbyes you don’t ever see it coming, and others you have to do it for yourself.

I've always lived my life telling myself two things. One… that people always leave. And two… actions speak louder than words.

If my father taught me anything it was that actions speak louder than words.

My father was a couple of those goodbyes. The goodbye you don’t ever see coming, and the goodbye you have to do for yourself. And the worst part… I don’t know when I’ll ever see him or talk to him again… so I guess after all you could say he taught me that saying that people always leave too.

Now I really didn’t expect to write about my father, I was here to write about a close friend I said goodbye to last night. And saying goodbye is hard… it hurts… especially when you’re the one who needs to do it for yourself not knowing when you’ll talk again.

This person means the world to me, and no matter how many times they hurt me… I’ll still always answer the phone, I’ll still always be there for them, I’ll still always care for them, and I’ll still always be the first to defend them and support them.

This person has also taught me quite a lot lately too. Over the past few months, we got really close. Probably the closest person to me in my life right now. This person taught me that you don’t always need to know the answer to everything, and it’s ok to take it day by day. That you can give all the respect and show someone you care about them… but you can’t always expect it in return, and you deserve more than that. They taught me that it will all work out and be ok… just take a deep breath. And they taught me to build a staircase not a wall…

This person sent me something they wrote that I loved. It basically said just that… to build a staircase not a wall. They said, “When God gives us challenges in our lives, we often take time to find the negative impact these obstacles make.” And if anyone knows me, you know that I am the first to jump to a bad conclusion or be negative about everything. I am far from a positive person.

This build a staircase not a wall saying was just what I needed to hear when they sent it. They basically explained it as when challenges are thrown your way don't let them stack up and become a wall. All a wall does is block you and not let you move forward. It prevents you from going places and doing good things… it’s satan talking. But instead, those obstacles that are thrown your way, or those “blocks”, use them as stepping stones. Stack them on one another and use them as lessons learned. Use them to build your staircase.

See, a staircase lets you go somewhere… up. It lets you get out from your troubles. Don’t let hard times or people or Satan bring you down. Use them to build your staircase. I know times are hard for people. Especially right now. Trust me I know, I am out of a job for at least two months, I am finishing my college semester online, my summer job might be canceled, going through some health issues, and much more. I know these times can make you feel alone, depressed, bring out your anxiety, and so much more.

I know like I said at the beginning goodbyes are hard, I feel that really applies now. Having to say goodbye to friends, family, co-workers. But instead of being down, use this time to work on yourself. Use this time to clean out that closet you’ve been wanting to for months, catch up on work you’ve been behind on, dive into that Bible study you’ve been saying you don’t have time for, catch up on a tv show you’ve been wanting to watch, catch up with friends over the phone, or your own family that lives in your house.

I encourage you to make the most of this time. Use your troubles to build your staircase. It might get knocked down sometimes… but guess what those pieces are still there. So pick them back up and build that staircase. Knock your walls down.

Saying goodbye is hard… but there’s one person you don't have to ever say goodbye to… that’s God. He’s waiting for you to run to him with arms wide open. It’s easy pushing people away, especially when they don’t fight back for you. But God will never stop fighting for you. So stop fighting him.

This week I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. I encourage you to stop pushing those away from you. I encourage you to pray about it, whatever your situation is and whatever you are running from. I encourage you to fight for it and encourage you to fight for your relationship with God as well. Stop saying goodbye, and start saying I think I’m going to stay here awhile.

Songs that stuck out to me this week:

(Way Maker By: Leeland)

(Holy Water By: We The Kingdom & Tasha Cobbs Leonard)

(Till I Found You By: Phil Wickham)

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