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It Is Well

The first post on any blog is always weird right. Like what do you say, what do I title it, do I introduce myself or explain why I'm doing this. These were all thoughts going through my head at least while I was thinking where to start. So I decided to sort of do it all.

I decided to title this post the name of my blog, because this is where it all started from... am I right. So I figured might as well. Why am I doing this you might ask... well that's all God talkin. I've been debating for years if this is something that I should do... I guess God thought that was a yes lol. I mainly decided to finally do this, because I made a post on Instagram and Facebook about some recent changes and things going on in my life (I will leave it down below). I just posted it for me really, not to get the "I'm so proud of you" and "I love you so much" comments. But of course I did. I also got a TON of people message me privately and say how much I have impacted their life in the past, some by just sitting next to them in class, and a bunch of people told me how this was so inspirational to them and what they needed to hear. So here we are.

Now I don't want this to be a super long "welcome to my blog post" lol. But I feel I could go on forever. I just want you all to know you are so deeply loved by God, and I am always here if you need someone to talk to, or need more advice than I give in my weekly posts. I tried to paste my email all over this site, but incase you have missed it is

So without further ado... the post that started this all...

"So as many of you know this school year has started out with a lot of firsts for me. First year going to college early, first year having to make adult decisions, first year accepting some of my realities, first year having to start fresh at making friends, first year not dancing or cheering, and first year I’ve started to grow closer to god in a long time. This summer, like every summer I worked up at LACC, and this year taught me a lot. I definitely came home a little changed, whether people noticed or not. While I was up there I learned to surround yourself with other Christians, that it’s ok to be content alone, that it’s ok to be the one to reach out to people, to forgive and let go, and most importantly to not be so caught up in what people think. As many of you know Eric and I broke up a few weeks ago as well... and while it has been hard it has taught me quite a few things. It’s taught me to stop and look at what god has blessed me with, to be content with being alone (you don’t always need someone), to open up to other people (no matter how crazy or blunt or pushy you may seem) because you don’t know if they needed to hear it, it’s taught me how to just be Kacie, and that “it is well”. God definitely laid “it is well” on my heart, and if you think about it, it brings so much peace. I don’t normally post on social media like this, and I don’t know how many people made it to the end of this post. But if you get anything out of this, just know that “it is well”, and no matter how hard things seem and how much you feel far from god, he’s not too far away, and it’s ok to be yourself... even if others don’t like it. God is showing you where the light is, it’s up to you if you want to stay there."

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