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“I wrote this song different a few years ago, but I feel like the Lord is teaching it to me in a whole new way right now. A few months ago we found out that my grandmother has blood cancer. And as hard as it’s been to watch her lose her hair as she takes her treatments, her faith has remained intact. A few weeks later hurricane Harvey came for my hometown, and in two days poured 44 inches of rain on my house. As we are in the process of replacing the flooring and relabeling our foundation we keep waiting on things to get back to normal. And then just a few weeks ago, we found we out that my little brother Dainel has stage four colon cancer. After the shock, and the tears my family is preparing to fight by his side as he gets ready to start chemo. And in the mids of all this, the prayer that I kept saying was Jesus can you just change these things, can you stop the cancer, can you stop the storms. But he has chosen not to stop these things just yet. And I’m finding out that sometimes the best question is not Jesus can you change these things around me? But instead God can you change me so that I can handle the things that you’re walking me through? So I keep singing and praying and believing the words of this song. Because I know that he IS changing me. And that is making all the difference.”

Micha Tyler said this in the beginning of his music video to the song “Different”. And it is so powerful the words that he said. We are all constantly asking God to change this and change that. Asking him to change the situation we are in or the struggles we are facing. But we never ask his to change us…

We never ask God to change us so that we can get through what he is wanting us to walk through. We always jump straight to asking him to change everything around us… but never us…

Why is that? Why do we always ask for everything to change but us?

We always do this.. And not always just with God. We do this in relationships. We ask our significant other if they can just stop doing this or start doing that then we will be ok. We always say “if you just show me you care” then I’ll show you I care, or “If you just pay attention to me, maybe I wouldn’t need to go cheat on you.”, or “If you were home more maybe I wouldn’t need to go watch pornography.”.... The list goes on.

But why are we always pointing fingers? Why are we always telling others what to do, or telling them what to fix? Why can’t we just say I am so broken and hurt… I just need your help. Why can’t we own up to our wrongs and admit we were wrong? Why do we always have to blame someone else’s actions or blame them for what we do?

See we don’t always do this with God. You do it in your everyday life. We are all just too stubborn to ever admit to it and grow up. We all ALWAYS have to be right… because God forbid we are wrong.

That saying, “Ask my wife, she’s always right” that people always say. Yeah… it’s full of crap. Yes, your wife may be right sometimes. But let me tell you guys… your husband is right just as much as you are. You women are just too stubborn to admit you were wrong. So guess what… society makes it to where you have to be right, and your husband has to play along with that lie. And if he tells you you’re wrong, or proves you wrong, he is shamed because God forbid he makes you see the truth, or girls you throw a fit so he’d rather just not deal with it.


Why can’t you be wrong. Why do you always have to point fingers and tell everyone else they are wrong for YOUR doing, because in my book… I’m sorry, but you’re a coward.

It is a very long story, but let me tell you a little bit about my life. So if you know me even a little bit, you probably know that my parents are divorced, and that my dad and I don’t talk. A few months ago I even told him to just stay out of my life. Now he hadn’t talked to me for years before I told him to just stay out of my life… and you wanna know why he didn’t talk to me, or at least the only thing I can think of as to why, because I didn’t go to the high school that he wanted me to go to. Yep… stupid right.

Now when I try and bring this up to him or I ask him why, he gets all defensive and shuts it down right away. One time the answer I got for why he stopped talking to me was because I gave him attitude… like ok abandoned your daughter because she gave you attitude one day.But anyways. Someone is pointing fingers in this situation… and like I called them, someone is being the coward. I guess you can choose who you call the coward in this situation, and honestly it could really be either of us. You could say it is me for pointing fingers at him for just walking away… but trust me I have tried countless times to mend this relationship. Or you could say it is him for not owning up to what he did and just moving on. Regardless of how you see it, there is always someone in every situation who is pointing fingers.

Now I don’t know why we are always blaming other people for how we feel, for what we do, or for the situations we are in. But we all are guilty of doing this. I know I am. And you are lying to yourself if you say you don’t do it.

So I encourage you to stop and reflect… weird right, I’m asking you to take a minute and pause in this crazy chaotic world. I want you to think about the ways you do this. It could be sudden bursts of anger and you take it out on people, it could be asking God to change the things around you, it could be blaming people for your doings.

Whatever it is, I encourage you to change it around and start owning up to what you are doing. Instead of asking God to change it, ask him to change you. He isn’t changing your situation because he is trying to get you to open your eyes and realize the lesson he is trying to teach you. He is having you go through these things to strengthen you for the bigger things he has instore. This isn’t for nothing… So stop asking for the situation to change, and start asking for you to change. Ask and want to be different and be changed. Because when you do there will be a fire so bright the whole world will see that there’s something different. You’re far from perfect my friend, but through him, the cross still says you're worth it. So go be different and ask to be changed! (Different By: Micha Tyler)

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