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Be The Sunflower

So as a few of you know I LOVE sunflowers. They are my all-time favorite flower. I love pictures of sunflower fields and quotes about them and everything. I love tattoos of them, the color… the list goes on. But anyway, as you can see… I LOVE THEM!

Now you’re probably like why is this weirdo talkin about how much she loves sunflowers… well ya see, I also relate to them so much. You’re probably thinking that’s weird too. Just give me a sec.

So I came across this sunflower quote a long time ago when I was looking for tattoo ideas, and it says, “I want to be like a sunflower, so even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.” At the time I think I mainly loved this quote because of the beautiful sunflowers in the background. But then… it grew on me… or should I say God grew on me?

I was talking to someone about this quote a few days after I had found it, and I can't remember what we were talking about exactly, but that’s beside the point. I just remember it became one of these moments where I’m saying all these things that I had never even thought to myself before. So lets breakdown the quote first so you can better understand what I had said.

Now a sunflower needs about three things to live, a strong and nutrient-based ground, water, and sunlight. (There are a few other things, but we are just going to focus on those for right now.) The sunflower needs a strong ground to hold it in place so that things don’t knock it over, and nutrients to keep it healthy. It needs water to “quench its thirst”, and it needs sunlight to help it grow… its energy source.

I had told this person that in this quote I was like the sunflower, Satan was the darkest days, and God was the sunlight. Weird thing to say right? Yes, I know. But I’m like this little sunflower. People (or Satan) can “step on me”, “pull me out of the ground”, “not give me water”, and “hide my sunlight.” What happens when people do this?... well the flower dies. But if the sunflower has its water and firm ground and the most important thing, sunlight… it lives.

So this little sunflower that I am, I need sunlight (or God) right? I have to stand tall and look for the sunlight and take it all in and use it to help me grow. Because if you don’t, the dark days come (or Satan), and if you haven’t taken in enough sunlight to get you through, or if you aren’t trying to find the sunlight through those dark clouds, you die as well.

Sunflowers always turn to the sun as their support or for “help”, just like you should to God. Just like God, the sun is always there, it never left. It’s just hidden behind all those dark clouds, you just need to stand tall and find it. People will come by and try to talk you out of doing the right thing, they will take advantage of you, they will look down on you and talk you down… But if you have that “solid ground”, and you stand firm, you won’t get knocked down. Just like the water a sunflower needs, you need it too.

Let the water stand as the people you surround yourself with and you let pour into your life. The Christian friends, the church, the youth group leaders, the small groups you attend, scripture, worshiping, all of that is your water so to speak. So soak it all up to prepare you for those hard dark days.

Let the sunlight stand for reading the word, doing devos, praying and talking to God, listening and following what God is telling you. That’s your energy source so to speak.

Lastly, let the firm ground stand for the bible verses you know, the bible stories you remember, the morals you hold close to your heart, and the people you surround yourself with. Without this firm foundation, you can’t support yourself on your own.

If you don’t “take in your water”, and you don’t “take in your sunlight”, and you don’t “plant yourself in a firm foundation,” you won’t be ready for those dark days. You won’t be ready for when Satan comes knocking on your door trying to make you pick his side. God is always there for you, God is always watching, and God has never left you. Just like the sun.

So stand firm in your foundation, soak up that water and surround yourself in those things, and take in all the sunlight you can… because trust me when those dark days come you’re gonna need it.

Songs that stuck out to me this week:

(Raise A Hallelujah By: Bethel Music)

(Grace Got You By: MercyMe)

(You Make Me Brave By: Amanda Cook and Bethel Music)

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